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First order through App!

Buy medium or large pizza and get ANY another medium pizza for FREE with your first order through APP. Just choose 2 pizzas you want and apply promo-code.

Cheese & Tomato

Free 12" pizza Cheese & Tomato in addition to an order for delivery from £15. Code: 1111


Enjoy our 2+1 offer. Buy any 2 pizzas and get 3rd one for FREE. Just add any 3 pizzas into your cart and apply promo-code. It'll be activated as 34% discount.

Dodo Club Deluxe Deal

Any 2 medium pizzas + 2 sides + large drink for £24

2 medium pizzas for £18

Choose any 2 medium pizzas, enter promo code and get special price!

2 Large pizzas for £22

Choose any 2 large pizzas, enter promo code and save £6!

Dodo Club Cheat Deal

Any 5 medium pizzas delivered £40. Code 88888

2 medium pizzas and wedges or garlic bread for £20

Choose any 2 medium pizzas Cheesy Garlic Sticks or Garlic Bread or Wedges, use promo code and get special price £20!

20% off for students!

You study and work too much! Here's 20% off for you for any orders over £15! Just create an order for amount over £15 and apply the code A1111

Family Feast £25

Choose any 2 large pizzas, any side, and 1 large drink and apply code ;)

Any pizza for £8.90 for collection!

Any pizza for £8.90. You will get the special price after choosing the ordering way on the next step: takeaway

Dodo Deals on Wheels

Any medium pizza for delivery - £11 Any large pizza for delivery £14.00

£20 deal

Choose any pizza, Garlic bread, Dodo Chunky Wedges, and Big Cola! Use your promo code and get a special price. Enjoy it ;)